One Platform: Multiple Solutions

Our patented ChannelNet SiteBuilderâ„¢ software platform provides the technology for a variety of multichannel marketing solutions:


As a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, ChannelNet SiteBuilder™ is easy to implement and easy to access with an Internet connection. Deployment of the most feature-rich solutions typically takes an average of 90 days or less.


In plain English, SaaS allows you to rent or subscribe to the software. When it comes to implementation, this means that there is minimal need for in-house IT effort and no need for capital-intensive IT infrastructure. You give us the secure connections, and we do the rest.


ChannelNet SiteBuilder™ can be installed on any hardware, implemented in any language and run on any system software. Our SaaS solutions act as digital connectors, enabling a transparent flow of data, information and content from disparate systems and streamlining communications with the enterprise.


The software platform uses industry standards. This means it integrates easily with existing applications, systems, third-party applications, legacy systems, and proprietary technology (2-way feeds and/or web services).

  • Ability to control your own look and feel, allowing for easy customization and easy customer personalization
  • A robust business rules engine, roles-based administrative interface, metrics, reporting, and user authentication and authorization
  • Accelerated deployment (typically within 90 days) of even the most feature-rich solutions at a fraction of the cost of custom websites
  • Creation and maintenance of websites, content and business rules in real time by non technical users
  • Actionable real-time web analytics intelligence
  • Refreshes of the sitemap, meta descriptions for pages and meta keywords with each publication
  • Industry standard approaches and technologies such as Foundation, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure maximum compatibility with the ever-changing web browsers

Right out of the box you get:

- Content administration

- Role-based administration

- Email and website personalization and/or targeting based on customer/prospect attributes

- Link management

- Multilingual capabilites

- Event management

- Blog management
- Polling management
- Workflow management
- WYSIWYG templating
- Publishing and archiving
- Form builder
- Approval/versioning
- Automated social integration
- Default content capability
- Editable components
- Membership and authorization
- Target marketing/criteria
- Reusable controls
- Responsive web design

We Can Host it For You

You can choose to host your ChannelNet solution or have us host and manage it for you. We partner with world-class data centers and hosting facilities. We personally provide the Tier One production support and ensure secure, uninterrupted availability through 24/7/365 monitoring.

100 Percent Uptime

Our hosting contracts guarantee nothing less than 100 percent infrastructure uptime.

Global Presence

Our hosting partner is in business with customers, offices and data centers across the globe, and they are industry experts.

Dedicated Support

We have certified experts who consistently earn industry awards and recognition. We provide:

  • 16-gigabit throughput via multiple carriers
  • Quarterly disaster recovery verification
  • AS-70 audited process and procedures
  • Geographically dispersed hosting facilities

Security is the foundation of our reputation

ChannelNet takes its commitment to protecting clients, clients’ channel partners and consumers seriously. Our security policies conform to international data protection standards, and we continually strive to exceed compliance requirements across all applicable laws and regulations. We are committed to protecting intellectual property, information assets, personal data and client information.

We Ensure security at all levels:

Data processing | Data-In-Transit | Data-at-Rest

See what ChannelNet can do for you