Our Story

For over 30 years, ChannelNet has been an innovative resource for large global enterprises in need of break through digital solutions. ChannelNet has served hundreds of corporations, across 24 industries, and in multiple languages globally.  For example, ChannelNet launched the world’s first dealer website platform for the automotive and home improvement industries. We also pioneered the world’s first data-driven personalization platform and hold multiple technology patents.

In 2018 we recognized that the financial services industry needed to dramatically accelerate digitizing the account holders’ experiences to remain competitive. That required a robust personalization platform that was affordable across small, medium, and large institutions. ChannelNet invested in packaging OneClick Financial into an automated, SaaS platform with managed services.  The platform creates dynamic and relevant data driven account holder personal experiences at an affordable price.  The platform and managed services are designed to grow with each financial firm at their desired pace. We refer to this strategy as walk, run, ballet.  ChannelNet believes strongly in constant improvement and works closely with all our clients to ensure they are consistently leveraging the platform to maximize business outcomes.

We continue to innovate OneClick Financial, infusing it with new technology and partners to be the leading platform for financial institutions to reach, engage, educate, generate leads, and drive share of wallet and revenue growth from their account holders.